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Career Enhancement Awards

Each year, the SPORE funds up to two Career Enhancement Program (CEP) Awards with the goal of recruiting and training young clinical and basic investigators for translational pancreatic cancer research.

               2015 Career Enhancement Awardees:

Marie Kirby, Ph.D., HudsonAlpha , “Validation and pre-clinical studies of early versus late genomic signature”

                2014 Career Enhancement Awardees:

                                                               Susan Bellis, Ph.D., UAB Department of Cell, Developmental, Int. Biology, “Role of ST6Gal-I-mediated sialylation in the pancreatic tumor cell phenotype”

                                                           Paolo Provenzano, Ph.D., UMN Biomedical Engineering, “A pilot study of novel stroma targeted therapies for pancreas cancer”

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Career Awards
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