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The UAB/CSHL SPORE in Pancreatic Cancer is committed to reducing the morbidity and mortality of pancreatic cancer.

Our intent is to take major advantage of the scientific expertise, resources, and patient populations of two productive Comprehensive Cancer Centers (UAB and CSHL) in pursuit of our interdisciplinary and translational pancreatic cancer research efforts. Our research efforts are: 1) We will confirm the utility of innovative human-derived pancreatic organoid models, a new approach for PDAC, in accelerating therapeutic development (Projects 1, 3), which will be of immediate and long-term benefit to translational research in pancreatic cancer. 2) We anticipate the development of clinically applicable tools capable of guiding effective therapy in patients whose genomic signature does not predict they will be long-term survivors with standard treatment and of expediting development of innovative, new therapies going forward (Project 3). 3) We will develop and evaluate novel inhibitors of Wnt/β-catenin and NRF2-mediated redox regulation as novel treatment options to circumvent chemoresistance, which are clearly needed (Projects 1, 2). 4) We will identify a cause of immunosuppression that leads to tumor recurrence and metastasis in many PDAC patients and develop strategies to prevent this process as a precision medicine treatment option (Project 4). Both UAB and CSHL have identified institutional funds to recruit pancreatic cancer clinician-scientists as well as funds together with the SPORE to fund Developmental Projects and Career Enhancement to further expand our pancreatic cancer agenda.

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