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Pilot Project ( Developmental Research Program) Awards


Each year, the UAB/CSHL SPORE funds Pilot Project (Developmental Research Program or DRP) which explore innovative ideas with significant potential to reduce the incidence, morbidity and mortality of pancreatic cancer.

2016 DRP Awardees:

Shrey Modi, Ph.D., UMN Department of Surgery, “Evaluation of Combining Minnelide and Oxaliplatin in PDAC”

Paolo Provenzano, Ph.D., UMN Department of Biomedical Engineering, “Overcoming Stromal Resistance in Primary and Metastatic Pancreas Cancer”

Ruben Gonzalez-Perez, Ph.D., (UMN AWARDED), Morehouse School of Medicine, “Targeting the Obesity-Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cell Link”

2015 DRP Awardees:

Hyunki Kim, Ph.D., UAB Department of Radiology, “Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer with Combination Therapies”

Lalita Shevde-Samant, Ph.D., UAB Department of Pathology, “Investigations on Merlin in Pancreatic Cancer Progression”

Qiang Ding, Ph.D., UAB Department of Pulmonary/Allergy/Critical Care, “Targeting Src-FAK Mediated Dual Escape Pathway in Pancreatic Cancer”

Lindsey Baker, Ph.D., CSHL, “Pancreatic Ductal Organoids as a Novel Model System for PDAC”

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